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Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare

Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare

*After care is very important with cosmetic tattoo treatments, if it is not properly looked after we can find that the pigment can fade very quickly, have a patchy result or disappear completely.
*Everyone heals differently so some of you may only take 7-10 days to heal and others may need 4-6 weeks.
*Always wash and dry your hands at a hygenic location prior to touching your face.

*Remember – cosmetic tattoos will appear 20 – 30% darker for at least the first few days, it can also look lighter or patchy at some stage during the 4-6 week healing process.
*Due to slight swelling lines may not look straight , So give yourself at least 4 weeks to heal to see the true result and then we will do any touch ups needed at your 2nd appointment. All of my treatments are 2 procedures.
*With all treatments please don’t use any cleansers or makeup for the first week, stay out of chlorine and the sun.
*Always use sunscreen on the area if you will be outdoors, the sun will make the pigment fade a lot quicker!
*Don’t run water directly onto the area for the first few days, use a soft cloth to clean and dab areas gently if really necessarily but do your best to keep it dry.
*We need to be as gentle as possible with the tattooed area for the first week to make sure the pigment heals into the skin properly.

*You will need to purchase a small tube of “Bepanthen”. I sell this in the salon or it is available at most pharmacies.
*Immediately after the procedure you may see a fluid that comes out of the area. This is the bodies natural healing process. It is important to gently dab with a wet swab to remove this fluid every couple of hours or whenever you notice it for the first couple of days. Then use a clean cotton tip to apply some Bepanthen.
*If the area starts to feel dry or itchy, apply some more Bepanthen. You may need to use this for about 1 week. DO NOT scratch, pull or pick the skin at all!


Eye Liner
*Eye liner is only a small area and usually heals fairly fast with minimal swelling.
*Do not use mascara for the first week or until healing is complete and do not rub the eyes.
*Clean area gently with a cotton tip if needed,  if it feels tight or dry you can apply a little vaseline to soothe the area.
*Keep area out of direct sunlight, or use sunglasses for protection.
*You can apply clean cold pads to the eyes a couple of times a day to reduce swelling (if needed).
*Eye drops (tear replacement drops) can be used if eyes feel irritated.

*Immediately after your treatment the lips will appear very swollen and darker than expected. The colour will fade a lot over the next week or so. If you have had a full lip treatment lips may feel tingly and quite tender but the lips heal quickly.
*You will need to buy a tube of Bepanthen (available in salon) and use this continuously throughout the day to keep them moist and stop them from drying out and becoming flaky.
*I recommend keeping the Bepanthen next to your bed and if you wake up through the night , reapply.
*If you have any dry flaky areas do NOT pull or pick them. Let them heal on their own and just apply more cream or vaseline.
*For the first week do not wear lipstick, you can use vaseline.
*No kissing and be careful with hot or spicy foods.
*After healing your lips may feel dryer than usual for the first few months so keep your vaseline or *Bepanthen on hand and apply whenever you feel you need it.

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*Anyone that has ever suffered with cold sores will usually break out after a lip procedure. There are some over the counter medications now available in Australia.
Lysine tablets can help if taken for the month leading up to the treatment and continue taking them during the healing process.
Zovirax, Valtrex or Ezovir work brilliantly. You can get a perscription off your doctor or some of these can be bought over the counter. It is very important that you do this and take them the day before your treatment and after (depending on instructions).

*Even people that have not had a cold sore for 10 years or more can still have a break out. So please use the tablets and follow procedure even if you think it may not happen.

Zovirax cream can be purchased from the pharmacy to be used along with the tablets.

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