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permanent makeup has limits

permanent makeup has limits

I have noticed a lot of new techniques and procedures that technicians all over the world are trying with cosmetic tattoo or permanent makeup. I just want to say BEWARE.
Now keep in mind what I am about to say is only my opinion and many technicians across the world may disagree with me.
I do believe that cosmetic tattoo should be kept simple and used to enhance a clients features, anything too crazy or over the top can have its problems.

You can see the picture below, the eyeliner actually looks nice. Many women love a blue eyeliner and the white above it is becoming very popular. But you really have to remember that this is a tattoo. Although we do use different inks to a traditional tattoo, our pigments can still last a long time so you would need to be 100% positive that you are going to like this blue colour for a long time!
Also, the pigment will fade over time so although this blue looks beautiful and bright immediately after the procedure it will fade and change colour.

blog eyeliner

photo sourced from google




The white is a different problem altogether. Now, I actually love the look of the new eyeliner techniques where we use a white pigment to highlight areas of the eye. It can look amazing!
But what happens over time?

Well the dark colour will start to fade and the white will start to change colour to a cream or almost a pale yellow. It can tend to last a lot longer in the skin than the dark colours and as the skin on the eyelid begins to thin (with the ageing process) it almost looks like the white starts to rise closer to the surface and look bubbly or like little white pimples (or milia) along the lash line. You can see in the picture below that the white isn’t a bright white its almost an off white to yellow.

blog pic bad whiteliner

We have exactly the same issue with technicians using skin colour pigments to camouflage mistakes made with permanent makeup.
I recently had a lady come to see me to get her eyebrows tattooed. When she arrived she showed me her bottom eyeliner. She had it done by another local technician. The liner was very thick and uneven lines and the pigment had migrated under the skin so she was left with a dark patch under her eye. If the story ended there I could have sent her off for laser and we could have tried to rectify the problem.
But, the client had gone back to the technician and told her she was unhappy with the dark patch and how thick the line was. The tech then proceeded to use a skin colour pigment to cover up her mistake.
Problem 1- It didn’t fully cover the mistake and poor lady was left with more of a greeny patch.
Problem 2- skin colour contains WHITE which means we can not laser over it as it will turn black. So now she’s stuck with it and she’s just hoping it fades quickly .



This is the lady (above), you can see the slight patch under her eye, looks a bit of a funny colour because of trhr skin colour they used.

Eyeliner should be nice and fine and preferably black although I do have some greys and browns.
Below is a pic of an eyeliner procedure I performed just last week. You can see the difference between this and the one above.

ffeyeliner vivianargent

Here is another example I found on google (below). There are 2 things here I need to address.
1. The terrible colour choice that had left her with bluish eyebrows.
2. The whitish colour line under the brow where they have used skin colour to cover up the shape of a tattooed eyebrow.

blog bad camoflage

You can see in this bottom picture the eyeliner has migrated under the eye. I would send her straight to get laser and get as much removed as possible so we could start again. Definitely not try to cover with skin colour.

blog bad eyeliner





So, when deciding to have a cosmetic tattoo procedure I think you should think long and hard about what you want. And really consider what it will look 12 months down the track. And DEFINATELY go to someone who is educated and trained so they can do the best possible treatment for you and also give you great advice.
Please don’t do anything crazy and really consider if your adding white if you will be happy with it still later down the track. Because you won’t be able to remove it.

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