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cosmetic tattoo pictures

cosmetic tattoo pictures

cosmetic tattoo pictures are the best way to see the truth about cosmetic tattoo

Hello Lovelies,
I’m sure any of you that have done a little research on cosmetic tattoo / Permanent makeup would have come across many “before and after” pictures that technicians post of their work (myself included).
For example:


These “after” pictures are usually taken immediately after the procedure, which means the colour looks a lot darker and hair strokes are much thicker or stronger than what they will look like when healed.
We must remember that when looking at these brows we are looking at the colour directly. Just as if you had dawn them on with marker.
Over the next couple of weeks the skin will grow over this colour therefor softening and slightly muting the brows. They often change colour depending on the clients natural skin tone.
A client with a cool skin tone will change the colour of the brows making them appear cooler just as a warmer skin tone can make the eyebrow colour appear warmer. It is important that your technician is properly trained and fully understands colour theory to be able to choose the colours for each individuals skin tone.

I always book a 2nd appointment 4 weeks later once completely healed. I call this an “adjustment appointment”, as this is when we can adjust the colour if necessary and also the shape if needed. Often during the healing process the body can reject parts of the cosmetic tattoo and the client can be left with small gaps or faded sections. This will all be corrected at the 2nd appointment. I also find it helps the eyebrows, lips or eyeliner last longer. Not all technicians do a. adjustment appointment but in my opinion it is very important.

It can be quite difficult to obtain photos of the healed result, as often I won’t see my client until they ready to have them done again a year or more later.
Many clients would prefer not to have their photos shown at all so of course I respect their wishes and never use them.
So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those clients that allow me to use their photos for marketing purposes. They make it possible for me to show you all my work.

So, I thought I would write this blog post to show you a few pictures showing the difference between immediately after and the healed result.


The pictures above shows the healed result of eyebrows and eyeliner top and bottom. Notice the colour is a lot softer and natural looking.


Final picture shows eyebrows before adjustment procedure.




Please make sure your technician is fully qualified. Ask to see photos of their work. Ask how many procedures they perform weekly. Do your homework and remember this is your face.

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