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cosmetic tattoo, handtool vs machine

cosmetic tattoo, handtool vs machine

I thought I would do a quick blog post to show you all the difference between  machine and hand tool used in cosmetic tattoo. I get asked about this a lot and as I have said before I prefer working with a machine only because I find I can get the cosmetic tattoo to last longer but I do love the result from microblading (hand tool). It is great for those people that want a more natural result or a finer hairstroke.
I have attached a couple of pictures below to show you the difference

The first one here is done by microblading which is a hand tool without any power. You can see more about microbladiing and the difference between the 2 procedures in my blog post here.


See how the picture above shows the hairstrokes are quite finer than the pictures below. This is a little bit more natural looking, but keep in mind the after pictures are taken immediately after the procedure. After a couple of weeks the eyebrows will heal and soften I find that the microblading is a softer look and usually doesn’t last quite as long as tattooing with a machine.


The 2 pictures above are done with a machine, you can see the strokes are a bit thicker and bolder but they do soften a lot when healed leaving you with a nice natural look. I usually suggest my clients get a touch up every year to keep them looking perfect!


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