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Some Recent Eyebrow Tattoos

Some Recent Eyebrow Tattoos

Hi Guys,
I thought I would do a quick post to show you a few of the eyebrow tattoos I have worked on lately and just tell you a little bit about them. If you head on over to the “gallery” you will see a stack of before and after pics. When looking through these pics you need to keep in mind that the after pic is usually taken immediately after procedure. The colour and hair strokes soften a lot when healed and the eyebrows can look a little swollen or puffy when first done.
It can be quite hard to get a fully healed picture as usually the clients don’t come back until they are ready for a touch up.

The client below had her eyebrows done by another technician about a year before. Its hard to tell in the picture but it looked as though they had used black. I never use black on an eyebrow because it always heals and fades off with a slight blueish tinge which we definitely don’t want on brows!
She also had a full brow tattoo. She had wanted hair strokes but the technician had talked her into a full eyebrow instead. This time we did hair strokes, she still has a slight stain under the strokes from the last procedure but you can’t see it at all now.
We also changed the colour to a dark brown colour which is a lot warmer than the previous colour used. This is after the first treatment, she will come back in 4-6 weeks for a touch up appointment, but so far she is very happy with the result.

The client below has been having her brows waxed and tinted very regularly for a long time. She was happy with how they looked when tinted (they were tinted a week before the before pic) but it just wasn’t lasting long enough for her.
We decided to do “microblading” instead. This is when you use a hand tool (like a blade made up of tiny needles) instead of the traditional tattoo machine that we usually use.

This just gives a more natural result. Each hair stroke looks a lot finer and softer. She wanted her brows to look fuller, squarer at the front and more of an arch. But she didn’t want the result to be too noticeable.
This is after the first procedure. we will see how it heals and then decide which technique to use for the touch up if needed.
This client (below) didn’t want anything too dramatic. You can’t see it too much in the before pic but she has a scar in her eyebrow that she has been covering up with makeup for a long time. So she wanted the tattoo to cover the scar and make her brows look fuller but she didn’t want to change the shape too much. she was happy with the shape she has she just thought that because of the scar they were a bit too thin.
We used a machine to tattoo each hair stroke . On the eyebrow with the scar we spent a little more time filling in the scarred area. We chose a colour not too dark. It is actually quite close to her natural colour.
I always like to choose a colour a little too light if I’m unsure and at the touch up appointment we can always go darker.
Always remember, you can always go darker, thicker, fuller at the second appointment but you can’t take away what is there. So be careful going to dark or thick at the first appointment.
The client below had never had her eyebrows tattooed before, as you can see her brows are naturally very sparse. She didn’t want them to be too thick but wanted to get rid of the “hook” shape she had at the start (or bulb) of the eyebrows. So you can see we have made that curved line underneath into a nice straight line.
This is after the first procedure so we can always go darker, thicker or fuller at the follow up appointment if needed.
Colour can change dramatically when healed. You have to remember that once the tattoo is healed we are looking at it through the skin. So if the client has naturally very cool skin it can make the colour chosen for the tattoo appear very cool. The same with people with warm skin, once the tattoo is healed the colour can look very warm.
We, as technicians have to take this into account when choosing which colour to use. Sometimes when it’s freshly tattooed the colour can look too warm but we know that once the skin heals and covers over the tattoo, the skin is cool and it will therefor make the tattooed colour look a lot cooler then when it was first done.
As a technician it can be very hard to show the client exactly what the colour will look like once it has healed under the skin. The client really needs to do their homework when choosing a technician and make sure they choose someone that they can feel comfortable with and trust that they will do the best job possible. They really have to put a lot of faith and trust into their chosen technician and leave it in their hands to choose the colour for them as only they will know how it will look when healed.
This client hadn’t had her eyebrows tattooed before but she has been filling them in with makeup every day. She showed me during the consultation how she likes to draw on her shape. We tweaked the shape a little and came up with this shape. She likes them full with more of an arch and a nice straight line underneath . This shape is very modern these days.
We used a very dark brown even though her natural hair was black. As I explained earlier I would never use straight black on brows as they can end up looking slightly blue.
This client (below) had had her eyebrows tattooed numerous times before. You can see in the before pic a very slight stain left behind from the last time she had them done.
We changed the shape this time giving her more of an arch and bringing the brows closer together. We did hair strokes but we did them very close together giving them a fuller look and covering up the stain that is left behind from last time. This client was very happy with her result she said it was the best result she’d had after being to three other technicians. Of course, this made me very happy.
So that was just a handful of the recent eyebrow tattoos I have worked on. I might start doing these posts a little more regularly. I think it’s great to hear a little bit of the story behind the brows, eyeliner or lip tattoo rather then simply seeing the before and after picture.

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