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What is Lash Lift ?

What is Lash Lift ?

Lash lift is a treatment that defines and curls the lashes from the root only, making them point up towards the brows. As you can see from the picture below this makes your lashes look longer and fuller and if done properly without damaging the natural eyelashes. It is considered an instant root lift for lashes.


fflashesmattkellyIt is often compared to the old eyelash perm but it is different. The lash lift uses silicon moulds that we painlessly adhere to the eyelid. We use the moulds to direct the lashes upward, they come in 3 different sizes making it possible to choose the level of lift desired. The perm used tiny rods to curl the lashes which made them curl back on themselves sometimes giving them too much curl and causing your lashes to loose length rather than look longer.

The lash lift is considered an advancement on the eyelash perm , allowing us to only curl the root of the lashes giving us a prettier result without damaging the length of the eyelash.

Once the lashes are adhered to the moulds we use specially formulated gels that help reform the bonds of the eyelash roots making them point up towards the brows. This will last until the eyelash naturally drops out at the end of the growth cycle, giving you a beautiful lift for 4-6 weeks.

ff lashliftcassandra

The eyes look brighter, more awake, and lashes look longer and fuller for weeks! We also tint the lashes during the treatment to  make them look fuller and longer.

At the end of the treatment we rinse and apply a treatment to nourish the eyelashes. The whole process takes around 45mins and is totally painless. You will be comfortable throughout the whole appointment.

The lash lift is a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions. Perfect for clients that love longer, fuller lashes without the high maintenance of eyelash extensions.


*Lash Lift will open your eyes making you look fresh and more youthful

*Lash Lift will make your eyelashes look longer and fuller

*The lash lift lasts around 4-8 weeks depending on growth cycle

*There is no infills or maintenance

*If you love the result (which I’m sure you will) you can have them redone anytime after the 4 week mark

*The procedure is totally painless and takes around 45-60 mins

*If done properly by a professional there should not be any damage to natural lashes

*Great alternative to eyelash extensions

At Forever Fabulous we charge $70 for a Lash Lift and at the moment we tint the lashes for free.

Call 0400361822 to make an appointment.

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  • Joanne rowe

    Where are you based and do you have any appointments today for lash lift and brow tint

    • we are located in campbelltown , you can call on 46289510 or contact us on social media

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