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Who needs makeup Tattoo treatments?

Who needs makeup Tattoo treatments?

There are many reasons why people decide to invest in Cosmetic Tattoo treatments. From wanting to look younger and fresher to covering scars or just the convenience of waking up with makeup on and saving time in the morning. Let me explain these reasons a little further.
Cosmetic tattoo is the perfect way to give you more youthful, fuller looking lips although these days this is very popular treatment for people of all ages (over 18). There are many different colours to choose from from the lightest “barely there” shades to a darker more “made up” look.There are a few different types of cosmetic tattooing for lips.
– Lip Liner
– Lip Line and blend
– Full lip colour

ff lips randal

Here are some of the reasons people decide to have these treatments:
– People that don’t have much shape to their lip and want a more defined pout
– To make the mouth appear larger or fuller
– People who’s natural lip colour has faded over the years
– If you have lost the shape of your lips due to injury, scaring or sun damage
– To disguise Cleff paletts
– To camouflage lines and wrinkles around the lips
– Anyone who would like to simply change the colour of their lips (you can not go lighter than your natural lip colour)
– Woman that like to have the look of permanent lipstick, they never have to worry about smearing their lipstick or having it rub off while eating.

These are just a few examples, but there are many reasons why this treatment could be perfect for anyone!


I find this one of the most popular Cosmetic Tattoo treatments I do. This is the treatment that made me fall in love with cosmetic tattoo, it made such a big difference to my life that after the first time I had it done I wanted to show other woman what a difference it could make for them too. Shape and colour varies from person to person and would be determined during the consultation.


– Solid Brow
– Hair stroke technique
– Powder fill technique (a softer look)
-Powder fill + hair stroke
– Half brow

Why do people do this?

– Women who have over plucked or have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back
– People suffering from alopecia
– Anyone going through chemo
– Anyone just wanting to change the shape of their face
– Women with poor eye sight who struggle with makeup application
– To change the face shape and give a more youthful appearance
– For convenience ! No more applying brows every morning
– Confidence – no more having to worry about ending up with half a brow during the day
and many more reasons too.

Enhance a freckle or create a beauty spot! It’s fun, sexy, a fashion statement !

There are so many different types of eye liner treatments that people desire depending on the look they are wanting to achieve. The design and colour used would be discussed in the consultation. Black is still the most popular but there are many shades to choose from blues and greens to lilacs.
Some of the procedures are listed below
– Designer Eye Liner
– Bottom lash line
– Top lash line
– Lash enhancement

ffeyebrowskaysiew1The different reasons that people generally decide to have this procedure:

– People with oily skin or those who have trouble with makeup smearing and ending up with “panda eyes”

-People who have lost their lashes through chemo or other reasons
– Contact lens wearers or people with poor eyesight that have trouble applying liner
– Makeup wearers that would like to enhance their eyes 24 hours a day
– Anyone wanting to change the shape of their eyes making them appear more almond shaped and more youthful
– Women that feel they aren’t great at applying their own liner
-To make the lashes appear thicker and fuller for men or women
– Adding coloured top liner can enhance the natural eye colour

There are many more reasons why people choose to have cosmetic tattoo. I believe any reason is a great one, especially if its going to make you feel fabulous!

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